Copper Slate Bristol

Living in the Bristol Area? Need New Paving in Your Yard or Garden? Why Not Try Copper Slate?

Copper Slate has a lot to offer you, in terms of aesthetics and durability. It’s a viable choice for any type of garden out there, and can be fitted very easily, just like its natural stone counterpart.

Don’t just think of traditional options for your back garden or your new yard, think of slate as the next step up for your project. Here at Miety Stone, we have a lot of experience with laying out the right material in both the front and back gardens, and even down side yards, and we want to share this rich experience with you.

At Miety Stone, We Have a Lot of Paving Options for You

We offer quite a few slab types for your garden, in a wide variety of materials, but it’s Copper Slate that most often draws the eye.

But Why Choose Copper Slate?

Copper Slate may seem like a niche option for your gardening project, but there’s many reasons why one would choose to lay out Copper Slate in place of more natural, stone types.

First of all, Copper Slate has a lot more colour to it. It can be rich in its tone, and provides a unique and fresh look to any garden it’s placed in. It’s a good way to add a bit of personality to an otherwise bland yard, or to draw the eye when placed out the front of a street side business.

Secondly, Copper Slate is a lot more durable and strong when compared to other paving types on the market. It matches rough hewn stone in just how strong it holds up against the elements, and it’s durable enough to take poundings from the feet of guests and/or customers alike, all day long.

Bristol is a Big and Beautiful Place, So Get in Touch with Us to Help You Complement It!

Miety Stone is here to help you, and to take care of all of your garden slab and paving needs. Bristol is one of the most natural and wondrous places in all of the UK, and we’ve got the Copper Slate for your garden that’ll suit it perfectly.

No matter if your current garden project that needs some urgent seeing to is domestic or commercial, we have plenty of experience in the landscaping sector, and we know how to use and work our Bristol Slate to suit our clients perfectly.

Our Slate is top quality, cut to the right size and trimmed to perfection, and there’s no project too big or small that we can’t tackle. Be sure to get in touch with us for more details, or feel free to come on down and take a look around our premises, for a more intimate and immersive experience. We want to ensure you’re aware of what’s on the market, and what would be best for you, and we love to talk face to face.