Raj Green Sandstone Supplier Bristol

When it comes to decorating your home’s exterior, nothing beats natural stone. Indian Raj Green Sandstone is widely recommended as the gold standard of stone paving for a variety of reasons. This beautiful, subtly coloured stone is perfect for a wide range of uses, adding elegance to your exterior aesthetic and increasing your home’s kerb appeal.

At Miety Stone, we are the premier Raj Green Sandstone Supplier to Bristol homes and businesses, delivering outstanding quality throughout the South West. We take the time to get to know our customer’s needs and help them to make the right choice from our extremely comprehensive selection of natural stone paving.
Why choose Raj Green Sandstone?

Nothing beats the rich and elegant appearance of Raj Green Sandstone. It’s beautiful, hard wearing and low maintenance. It also lends itself well to a huge range of exterior and interior uses. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect from your Raj Green Sandstone paving...
Looks incredible all year round

Raj Green Sandstone Paving’s subtle colouring looks fantastic all year round, allowing it to feel warm in winter but cool in summer. It also retains its colour extremely well, even in the harshest weather conditions.
Naturally hardwearing

Raj Green sandstone can withstand years of natural wear and heavy rainfall and still look incredible. It’s easy to seal against corrosion and is renowned throughout the world for its durability and strength.
Range of colours and hues

Raj Green Sandstone is available in a huge range of subtly different colours and hues. So, whatever your exterior’s aesthetic, you’re sure to find a good fit.
Why choose Miety Stone?

We may not be the only Raj Green Sandstone Supplier in Bristol. But we’ve yet to find a competitor who measures up to us in all the ways that make us special.

Here are just a few reasons why you should choose Miety Stone as your Raj Green Sandstone Supplier in Bristol...
Miety Good Quality

Raj Green Sandstone is a prestige long-term investment for your home. We ensure that we supply only the best to ensure great value for our customers. Working with sustainable suppliers in an ethical supply chain, we bring you India’s finest stone of the highest possible quality.
Miety Good Selection

Raj Green Sandstone Paving isn’t always easy to find in Bristol. Fortunately, you’ll find that we have a fantastic range of pieces of various shapes, sizes, colours and hues. So you can find the perfect fit for your home.
Miety Good Value

We don’t believe our customers should have to sacrifice quality for affordability. While Raj Green Sandstone is a premium material, we still strive to keep our prices sensible, reasonable and competitive.
Miety Good Service

Our friendly team is always happy to help our new and existing customers. Whether you have a residential or commercial order, whether your order is large or small, we pride ourselves on consistently delivering excellence. We work with a carefully curated range of contractors to ensure consistently excellent service throughout the supply and installation.
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