Slate Chelwood

Looking for Slate Paving in Chelwood?

Slate paving is a big deal in the gardener’s world, and it’s one of the most popular varieties of garden paving currently on offer on the market. Here in Chelwood, we have a reliable and friendly garden Slate service for you to rely on.

The Slate We Have on Offer For Your Convenience:

Slate is quite a common and popular choice of paving for a garden project, both front and back. Here at Miety Stone, we know just how good Slate can look, especially right at home in Chelwood. We know it’s important to create curb appeal at the front, no matter the setting, and a feeling of personality and paradise in the private areas of our back gardens. It’s why we offer two main types of Slate, for your convenience:

Natural Slate

We have a lot of choices for you concerning our natural paving options, but one of the best and most gorgeous for your gardening project is our natural slate.

Copper Slate

Alongside the natural slate we offer, we can also provide you with copper slate. It’s rich in colour, and provides a lot more durability compared to its stone counterparts. It’s just as strong as stone can be, but it can be placed and designed to look a lot better, and can be a lot more unique and personal in its aesthetic. Your garden could very well look better than any other in the neighbourhood!

So Shop for Slate in Chelwood with Miety Stone

Miety Stone is here to help you, and to take care of all of your garden slab and paving needs. No matter if your current garden project that needs some urgent seeing to is domestic or commercial, we’ve got the Slate right here in Chelwood that you’re in need of. We have plenty of experience in the landscaping sector, and we know how to use and work Slate to suit our clients perfectly.

Our Slate is top quality, cut to the right size and trimmed to perfection, and there’s no project too big or small that we can’t tackle. Be sure to get in touch with us for more details, or feel free to come on down and take a look around our premises, for a more intimate and immersive experience. We want to ensure you’re aware of what’s on the market, and what would be best for you, and we love to talk face to face.

Don’t just take our word for it! What do our previous customers have to say?

In the past, our previous customers have complimented us on our good service, for both our fast delivery and turn around times, as well as how our professional landscapers have laid the slate slabs our clients have ordered. Just check out our testimonials page for more!

If you get in touch with us to ask about our Chelwood Slate options, you too will be able to experience just how well we get the job done!