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When it comes to beautifying your home’s exterior, there’s no substitute for natural stone paving options like slate. If you’re looking for a Slate Supplier in Bristol who’ll go the extra mile for you, you’ve come to the right place! Slate brings both elegance and versatility to your interior and exterior spaces. It is a highly versatile, resilient and elegantly beautiful stone that lends itself well to a variety of indoor and outdoor uses.

At Miety Stone, we pride ourselves on our ability to help customers make the right choice when it comes to all their natural stone paving needs. Want to know more about how slate paving can benefit your home’s exterior? Read on...
Why Slate is Great!

Slate, has a wide range of benefits for exterior and interior use. It’s cool, timeless and adds a real wow factor to your exterior, improving your home’s kerb appeal. If you’re considering using Slate Paving, you can look forward to the following;
Outstanding versatility

Slate Paving looks fantastic wherever you choose to put it. It’s perfect for use in paths, patios, driveways, poolsides, courtyards and walkways. So long as the right substrate is used for the intended load, it can be used virtually anywhere. It even looks great as indoor flooring.It is extremely temperature resistant, so you won’t need to worry about it frosting over in winter or getting blisteringly hot in summer.
Huge colour variations

Depending on the concentration of iron and organic materials in the stone, slate can come in a wide range of colours including blue, green, red, black, purple, or brown.
Naturally safe and slip-proof

Likely to have kids running around in the garden or by the pool? Slate has a naturally slip-resistant surface, meaning that it’s safe to traverse, even in wet or frosty conditions.
Sustainable and renewable

Slate is a great choice for the eco-conscious, especially when compares to synthetic solutions like concrete. It’s inert and requires little processing or energy use to transform it into garden-ready paving. So you can enjoy a great look that doesn’t come at the expense of the planet.
Why choose Miety Stone?

We realise that we’re not the Slate Supplier in Bristol. We are, however, confident that we bring more value to our customers than our nearest competitor. Here are just a few reasons why you should choose Miety Stone for all your natural stone paving needs...
Miety Good Quality

We are committed to exceptional quality in every piece of stone we provide. Slate Paving is a long-term investment for our customers, and one that they expect to last a lifetime. We aim to ensure that they enjoy the very best out of their paving for decades to come.
Miety Good Selection

We have one of the most comprehensive selections of natural stone in the South West. If you’re looking for a Slate Supplier in Bristol, you’ll find a fantastic range of shapes, sizes, colours and hues in our yard.
Miety Good Value

Our customers expect quality. But we don’t expect them to choose between quality and value for money. While slate isn’t the cheapest of materials, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional value for money with competitive, sensible pricing for our commercial and residential customers.
Miety Good Service

Whether your order is large or small, we strive to deliver outstanding customer service. We also work with a carefully curated range of contractors to ensure that the same quality of service is carried over through supply and installation.
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